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In August 2011 the city of London errupted in riots as a result of a shooting where a known gang member, Mark Duggan, was killed by a police officer. 

 His family and friends made a Facebook™ page in memory of him called

 “Justice for Mark Duggan aka Starrish Mark. Sho! Sho”

 Their page holds their reactions to that event and the aftermath; the ensuing violence, the mayhem and anarchy, the anger and hatred, which spread from London across several major cities in the UK.

These images are taken from an account of the events that unfolded in the country, based on the timeline of those comments. 

The book is available to purchase on, who in January 2012 chose it as the Staff Pick Book of the Week

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Images from the book were displayed in the 'Art of Rebellion' Exhibition in New York's Gowanus PrintLab you can see the images in exhibition HERE


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